I started painting in 2007, while my career in marketing, advertising and branding.

In 2014, I quit my job and ever since I dedicate myself to my art.

I’m working with a variety of materials from oils on canvas, acrylics, watercolors and pastels to collages and to printing and etching techniques.

Following my previous career, I created a series of artworks, in oil on canvas, inspired by the impact of modern technologies and of the social media on the FEMININE PERSONA. Using photos I took myself and photos found on the web, I examined the fine line between authentic women and the somehow detached characters posing to the watchful eye of society.

In other artworks, I explored the role of simple accessories – an imitation pearl necklace, silver shoes, or a leather coat – as status symbols.

Like the Impressionists, I take a special interest in light. In the way it bounces back from different objects. In the interaction between objects and the light that envelops them and in the special colors that are formed by these reflections of light.

Currently, I’m working on a series of collages.  Drawing inspiration from Interiors and collages by Henri Matisse and by Richard Hamilton, I combine photos from magazines and objects that I paint, and design multicultural enigmatic interiors.

I live and paint in Tel Aviv, Israel.