Exploring the Social Persona –Fanny Horowitz

Reorganization / oil on canvas / 80*65 cm / 2015

Fanny Horowitz explores the role of women in her figurative paintings and the persona that they take on in society.

I started exploring and painting very plain still-lifes from objects that I found around my home. I started with bowls and jewelry and then moved on to my own personal accessories, like a coat, a transparent gown, a bracelet, sunglasses, and stilettos. The endless layers of information, beauty, and mystery that I suddenly revealed, thrilled me to a great extent. It was an amazing new world for me. Looking at all my still life paintings, I suddenly understood that the essence of accessories is to communicate subtle information, to add beauty and mystery, or, in other words, to help create a social persona.

“We usually use accessories more in public than at home, they are status symbols, and we give very profound thought to them, even though we may not admit it.”

Do you paint these images from your imagination or real life?

Some of them I took myself and some of them I just found on social media and thought, “This is amazing, I must paint it!” By painting, I put a focus on something that I see. Everybody else can see it too, but this is MY particular focus.

Why do you choose to portray women with little to no context?

I like the mystery it creates. It also leaves space for the viewers to replay the scenes in their own intimate lives. It lets them become emotionally involved in what I’m doing in the space, and when they don’t have to be decisive, it leaves space for them to change their minds when in another mood, to tell themselves other stories. I think that painting is a way of communication. You have a way to touch the soul of someone else. I get very excited when people tell me, ‘Oh, I know that woman!’ or ‘This is me!’ when looking at one of my paintings. They identify with the piece. I’m satisfied to know that it makes them think, laugh, and interact with my art. That is the main point.


She, In the World of Her Own by Udi Rosenwein  (curator)


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A Moment of Grace by Amili Gelbman (curator) 

Dance on Little Girl / oil on canvas / 70x90 cm / 2012

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A Moment of Grace by Hagit Shahal  (artist)

A Scent of Paris / oil on canvas / 80x60 cm / 2012

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